A Princess Bride

Love a royal wedding? Teri Wilson does and she's here to talk about her new book and the joys of dressing her latest heroine, Princess Amelia, in her wedding finery.

I love fashion, and I always have a great time designing looks for my heroines, especially the dancers and the royal characters.

The heroine in my newest book, Royally Wed (releasing from Pocket Books on November 13!) was one of my favorite's to dress. Princess Amelia Grace Amcott was particularly fun because she is part of the British royal family AND throughout the course of the book, she’s preparing for a big royal wedding.

A princess bride! I was in heaven while writing this book.

There’s a scene early-on in which Amelia must choose which tiara she’ll wear when she walks down the aisle at Westminster Abbey. The options are all actual tiaras that are part of the British royal family’s collection. With the help of her mother, the queen, Amelia chooses the Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara .

This gorgeous piece of jewellery was originally commissioned in about 1913 and has enjoyed a renaissance with Princess Kate wearing it to a state dinner in July this year. It's also a personal favorite of mine because it was worn quite often by Princess Diana. Doesn't it look gorgeous atop Kate Middleton’s perfect hair?

In another of my favorite scenes in the book, Amelia has bridal gown fitting with the designers at Alexander McQueen.

Since her wedding is such a royally big deal, the wedding gown is practically a state secret. She has five gowns total (lucky her!) so that even the fashion house doesn’t know which she’ll actually wear. Amelia herself doesn’t even know which one is the real gown.

Among the options are elaborate bridal gowns covered in lace, tulle, ruffles and all things glittery and feminine.

Of course, at an actual royal wedding, the bride would be subject modesty rules—long sleeves, no exposed shoulders, etc.

But bending the rules and mixing in a little fantasy with everyday life is part of the beauty of romantic fiction, isn’t it?

Teri Wilson's latest release, Royally Wed, is out now. For more information check out her website and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Do you love a royal wedding? Have a favourite wedding dress designer? What royal jewellery do you covet? We'd love to hear from you here or on PHS social media.

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