Calling All Aspiring Authors!

We've been dropping a few hints in the last month about exciting things to come for the PHS readers who are aspiring authors. Now senior editor, Christy Kate McKenzie, is here to officially launch our Facebook Group and the forum!

It's finally time to let #editorcat out of the bag!!!

This month, we are proud to introduce our PHS Aspiring Authors Group on Facebook and our brand new community in the forum here on our site!

The PHS team is made up of not only published authors, but aspiring authors and fans of romance. And, as you know, we really can't get enough great reads, so we decided it was time to help our fellow aspiring authors on their journey to publication.

The PHS Aspiring Authors Group is a community of aspiring authors and published authors who are just starting out and working hard to build their careers or want to take their writing in new and exciting directions. Social and support aspects of the community will mostly be provided through our shiny, new Facebook Group. But for those of you not on Facebook, there is also our shiny new Forum, where you will find workshops and writing competitions, can search for beta readers and critique partners, share tips and advice and learn from the pros who are big believers in the romance community ethos of paying it forwards, So, if you haven't already, come check it out!

One question I have answered time and time again about our new group is ‘What makes this group different from other writing groups, particularly those on Facebook?’ My stock answer for this is the PHS Aspiring Authors Group is run by The Pink Heart Society, a well-established blog started by published authors. The PHS has a wide network of affiliates, including publishers such as Mills & Boon, and links to associations such as the Romantic Novelists Association, Romance Writers of Australia, and Romance Writers of America.

The second most asked question? 'What can you expect as a member of the PHS Aspiring Authors community?' Well, let me tell ya!

A Whole Lot of Support!

The PHS Aspiring Authors group provides an experience much like the old-school Harlequin Forums, where aspiring authors can learn, grow, and network while speaking regularly to authors and editors for inspiration and advice.

We set up a Facebook Group last month and its membership is growing daily! Come over to chat, ask questions, and keep up-to-date with events held exclusively for PHS Aspiring Authors Group members.

We have also added a Forum to the site to allow members (and those not on Facebook) to interact and take part in special workshops and events. Head over to the forum now (well, not right now—finish reading this edition first) and sign up.

Excellent Education & Advice

It has often been said you should never stop learning and we at PHS believe this one hundred percent! Throughout the year, we will be offering workshops on a wide variety of topics relating to romance—writing, marketing, submitting, pitching, business planning… You name it! No really, let us know in the comments below what topic you’d like to see a workshop on and we will see who we can round up.

All workshops will be delivered within the AA Forum and will be taught by either published authors or experts in the subject area. Not only are we looking for topic suggestions, if you or an author friend are qualified to deliver a workshop, please get in touch via email and let us know.

Our first workshop is ‘Common Romance Writing Mistakes (and how to fix them)’ by our very own, founder, Trish Wylie, and starts today! And yes, it's FREE. All you have to do is sign up.

Incredible Opportunities

The Pink Heart Society is serious about helping you develop your writing career. We want to help our

readers who dream of being a published author make that dream come true by helping you develop and fine tune your work. We know nothing motivates you to write, and write well, like a good old competition, so we aim to please.

Throughout the year, we will hold a number of contests and pitches offering you the chance to grab some fabulous prizes—such as line edits of your manuscript, author mentoring, and publication in a future PHS Edition!

And since summer is on its way (it is! Or at least it better be—we are all sick of snow and sleet!), be prepared for things to heat up in the PHS Aspiring Authors Group with a contest that is sure to make your temperature rise. Look for an announcement about this contest next month.

Multiple Ways to Contribute and Stay Up-To-Date

Follow PHS on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for updates on the Aspiring Authors Group; join the Facebook Group; or join the Forum. Wherever possible, posts will be shared across platforms to make sure everyone benefits. And, via networking, it can help to build your platform, too!

We are also hoping not only to connect aspiring authors virtually, but also in real life with writing groups or chapters. There may even be a full PHS Aspiring Authors Group meet-up or two in the future—I mean, who doesn’t like afternoon tea and a glass of bubbly?

Right. I should probably wrap this up now. Not only do you need to finish reading this edition, you need to go join the PHS Aspiring Authors Group! And don’t forget to sign up for the forum so you can take part in Trish’s workshop!

Christy is an aspiring author, fairy tale fanatic, peanut butter connoisseur, and wannabe mermaid. For more information about her and her writing, check out her website and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Are you an aspiring author? Are you an author who wants to learn more about the publishing industry and the ways you can build your career? What kind of workshops would you like to see us run? Is there something in particular you need advice on? Let us know in the comments or on our Social Media and join us on Facebook or become a member of our new forum today!

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