#TheFashionForwardWriter: Briefcase Encounters

New PHS editor Christy Kate McKenzie is talking about those all important laptop cases and briefcases, and has managed to find something for every budget!

Forget diamonds. If you ask me, a bag is a girl’s best friend. By extension, a briefcase or laptop bag is certainly a writer’s best friend. Being able to carry your laptop down to the local coffee shop or have your iPad handy while waiting for a doctor’s appointment means you can grab every extra minute to increase your word count.

So where do you go to find the prefer bag to suit not only your tastes, but your budget? Look no further than Etsy! As a bag lady, myself, I have compiled a list of 5 of my favorites to suit any author’s budget!

The Aspiring Author

You're just starting out, or perhaps you’ve been writing forever but have yet to get the all-important C-A-L-L. You’ll need a stylish bag that won’t break the bank...

Check out this customizable laptop bag from QUALITYcovers. You can change the colour or size to suit your needs and all for a very affordable £28.89.

The Published Author

You’ve just landed your first contract —congratulations! Time to upgrade to a bag which reflects your new status. This beautiful black and red messenger bag from TiggyandBoo is dripping with style and creativity. The best part—you can show the writing world you mean business for only £40.00.

The Full Time Author

EVTBLEATHER turquoise leather briefcase is completely made by hand-- hand stitched and hand painted-- for a truly unique look. Priced at £62.74, You are living the dream! Time to accessories with a bag that looks professional and can handle being used day in and day out. This classy design from is my absolute favorite.

The Bestselling Author

You’ve hit the big-time! Your name is on the bestseller lists and the royalties are flowing freely. You can afford a bag that showcases your new-found fame. Time to really splash out on a briefcase that will be with you for the long haul. This beauty is made with natural vegetable leather that will change colors gradually as it ages. It sells for £180.00 from WoodwardsLeather.

The Nora Roberts

You are following in the footsteps of the queen herself, time to look the part. Nothing screams success like a leather briefcase and this one from Vonbaerbags can’t be silenced. Not to mention the fact that it is just plain sexy. At £227.93, it won’t be for everybody, but you can pull it off. Go on. I think Nora would approve.

Your turn! Which one is your favorite? How do you carry your laptop or iPad? Show us your #briefcaseencounters on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Christy Kate McKenzie is an aspiring author, fairy tale fanatic, peanut butter connoisseur, and wannabe mermaid. For more information about her and her writing projects, check out her website and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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