#HunkOfTheMonth: Firemen

We're delighted to welcome Amy Andrews to the PHS, as she talks to us about her #HunkOfTheMonth: firemen. PLUS she has a giveaway for one lucky reader!

I’ve always had a thing for guys who are good with their hands. No, get your minds out of the gutter, not in that way. Although…yes, in that way also!

Look, I like a bajillionaire vampire Dom as much as the next girl but a man who can start a fire with nothing but two stones, construct a dwelling from half a dozen tree branches and a ball of string, mend anything that's broken with weird fixit juju and navigate home blindfolded with both arms tied behind his back? Then hell if I’m not all over that. You can keep your rich, hot, neck biting dudes - give me someone who can wear the hell out of a pair of jeans and is permanently streaked with some kind of dirt or grease.

Especially if he has a great big hose and isn’t afraid to use it.

Which brings me to firemen – the ultimate hands on guys. They’re kind of like the male equivalent to the nurse and, having been a nurse for 27 years, I feel I can make this comparison. Everyone is all very complimentary and PC about their many admirable, selfless qualities. They’re lauded as being saints and angels. But deep down there’s a lot of fantasizing going on about just how to tarnish those halos.

This is where I have a confession to make. As a young student nurse I may have been one of several nurses who accidentally-on-purpose burned their toast in the tea room because we knew it would set off the fire alarm which would, in turn, bring two truckloads of firemen to the hospital to check on our well being.

In my defense it was always when we were quiet on night duty. And I didn’t meet one fireman who objected to a dash up to the hospital at two in the morning if it meant they got to flirt with some nurses for half an hour. I’m pretty sure they were all like who burned their toast now with great big smiles on their big, gorgeous faces…

So…as you see, I think I was always destined to write a fire fighter book. And there was only one guy I had in mind for my hero, the lovely Logan Knight - Taylor Kinney of Chicago Fire fame.

It’s a series that I struggle with in a many ways but I keep coming back to regardless.

Because Taylor Kinney...

I mean, I feel like a dirty old woman just admitting it…But, yeah, that dude is hot and handy. He can light and put out my fire any day!

The good news is, this series has a bunch of hot fire dudes and one kick ass fire woman, so if guys who face death every day and are good with their hands are your jam then I do hope you’ll click like crazy on the Hot Aussie Knights series!

Are you into handy guys? Do you have a favourite fictional fireman?

Are you into handy guys? Do you have a favourite fictional fireman? Comment on this blog to be entered to win a digital copy of Amy's book Hot Mess.

Amy's latest release, Hot Mess, is out now. For more information check out her website and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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