#TheFashionForwardWriter: Deadline Wear

For this month's #TheFashionForwardWriter, Kristina Knight comes clean on her write-at-home wardrobe...

My fashion tastes are…questionable to say the least. And when deadlines are thrown in, all bets are off. Although I’ve never been caught in the school pickup line with A) curlers in my hair or B) a PBJ-stained shirt. Yet.

One of my favorite parts of my writing life is that I get to wear what I want, and usually that want lands on the side of silly t-shirts, leggings, and shorts. I blame it on my years in television news, when I had to wear heels every day, dresses and pantsuits (or at least a blazer) and have full-on, camera-ready make up – at six o’clock in the morning.

In case you’ve never had to be on a news set at the crack of dawn, in full makeup, with hair perfected, and without lipstick on your teeth, it’s hell. Seriously. Hell. There were many, many things I loved about journalism, but being camera-ready was not one of them.

Naturally, when I left journalism to pursue fiction writing, I left behind all that heavy makeup and all those blazers. I kept some of the shoes because, well, shoes. And I kept the dresses, although I rarely break them out of the closet any more. But they’re pretty and I like to pet them.

Back to the subject at hand: there is nothing more stressful than a deadline that is staring you down when the book still needs a solid 30,000 words. So, take my advice. Skip the tight jeans, the dresses, and the 30 minutes of make-up applying. Instead, opt for comfort…because when you’re facing that tight deadline, nothing will freeze you up faster than a pair of Levi’s that are biting into your waistline.

Okay, readers, dish: when you’re feeling the stress, what item in your closet is your go-to?

Kristina's latest release, Rebel In a Small Town, the second book in her brand new Slippery Rock series, is out now. To find out more about her and her writing, check out her website, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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