#ReaderOfTheMonth: Kali Anthony

We're delighted to welcome our new PHS Editor and July's #ReaderOfTheMonth: Kali Anthony!

Where in the world are you?

I'm in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia where we're currently living through a 22 degrees celsius a day, Winter. I want cold! But that's winter in the Subtropics for you...

Do you have a day job?

Yes! I'm a lawyer.

How long have you been reading romance?

Since about fourteen, when I had to read Georgette Heyer’s Regency Buck, for school. From that day, I was hooked. My English teacher has my undying thanks for setting it in the curriculum.

What is your favourite theme?

Friends to lovers, hands down, because that’s the story of my husband and me.

What kind of story would you like to see written?

Shapeshifter dragon biker romance. Someone I know started the first chapter of a story for a bit of fun. The rest of it needs to be written.

How many books do you read in a week?

On average, about three. Which surprised me, and which will make Amazon shareholders very happy.

What book would you recommend to our readers?

Offensive Behaviour by Ainslie Paton. The hero, Reid McGrath, is my book boyfriend. I think my husband’s jealous of him.

Which authors are an auto buy for you?

Ainslie Paton and Charlotte Stein. I don’t even read their blurbs. It’s just, “Take my money!"

If your house was on fire which book would you save?

It’s going to sound very nerdy, but the craft book, Rewriting – a creative approach to writing fiction by David Michael Kaplan. It’s out of print, but taught me more about writing than any other book I’ve read. I can’t live without it, and re-read it often. I sometimes sleep with it. Which may or may not be true...

And what are you reading now?

I’ve just finished reading the delightful Catching Captain Nash by Anna Campbell. On the hunt for the next story. Any suggestions?

Do you qualify for reader of the month? Would you like to nominate someone for the position? Just let us know in the comments or on Social Media or email us on the contact page!

Kali is a writer of happy endings and failed domestic goddess; will work for coffee, wine and chocolate! For more information about her and her writing check out her website, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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