Mills & Boon - The Ultimate Rebrand

As we start 2018, Mills & Boon - the UK branch of Harlequin - is going through a complete rebrand, and we're sharing with you a sneak peek at the gorgeous new covers, complete with our official PHS thoughts!

Mills & Boon turns 110 this year. That's an impressive achievement for any publisher, and especially for a romance publisher!

Back in September, there was a press release that sent rumblings through the romance industry: Mills & Boon would be "introducing a clean contemporary brand identity". What would this entail? What would it bring with it?

Lisa Milton, the Executive Publisher at Mills & boon said:

"Mills & Boon is an iconic brand. It felt like a hidden gem. With the HarperCollins acquisition the time was right to invest. Our consumer insight with Blinc told us what we expected – hoped – that readers love our books, but they didn’t feel comfortable with the packaging. We needed to make Mills & Boon relevant for today’s romance readers. To help us find the best way to do so, we’ve worked with Pentagram. The award-winning design studio has helped us to find a new look that we think fits into the 21st century. Our focus is on growing retail sales. We know there are 2.5 million romance readers who have tried a Mills & Boon, now it’s time to tempt them back."

The changes don't just include the new logo or the strapline, "The Heart of Romance", but also significant changes to the covers and the lines.

Mills & Boon Modern retains its name, and the new covers feature closer shots of couples, with faces and profiles in focus as opposed to the wider setting.

Mills & Boon Historical retains its name, and the new covers feature a variety of fonts, each that seem to fit the time period they're illustrating.

Mills & Boon Cherish is now Mills & Boon True Love, and the pink background to the titles highlight the romantic side of this imprint.

Mills & Boon Medical retains its name, and we're particularly delighted by the little medical logo - a heart rate line inside a heart.

Mills & Boon Intrigue and Mills & Boon Romantic Suspense have combined to form Mills & Boon Heroes, and the new covers highlight the high octane and fast paced thrill of these narratives.

Mills & Boon Desire retains its name, and the new covers' combination of black and white photography with a stark red background simply oozes desire...

Mills & Boon DARE, the newest and hottest imprint from Mills & Boon is all about close-up photography and lingering glances - these look as steamy as promised!

Mills & Boon Heartwarming retains its name, and the new covers feature a heart tied with string - perfect for the small town and sweet romances this line provides.

Mills & Boon Nocturne has been renamed Mills & Boon Supernatural, although the covers themselves don't appear to have undergone a huge change - although it's our opinion that the paranormal covers have always been outstanding!

Mills & Boon By Request retains its name, and the new covers highlight better that this is contains more than one book with the purple header drawing our attention, and the collection headings telling us exactly what we're getting!

What do you think of the changes to the imprints and the new look covers? Share with us your thoughts on this, the ultimate rebrand!

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