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It's #GiveawayTime at the PHS! This month we have a signed, print copy of The Knight's Scarred Maiden from PHS columnist Nicole Locke for one lucky reader.

Nicole first discovered romance novels hidden in her grandmother's closet. Convinced hidden books must be better, Nicole greedily read them. It was only natural she should start writing them!

About The Knight's Scarred Maiden

There’s so much to this story. One fun fact about the heroine, Helissent, is that she's a baker. She compares her struggles to failed bakes, and thinks of people as ingredients. She also talks in baking terminology, which confuses many a discussion. I loved discovering how she thought. Another fun fact is, I had the bright idea to try a few of her Medieval recipes. Let’s just say I had a few failed bakes of my own, and I shared my misadventures at the Harlequin Blog:

As for the inspiration of the story... The strength of love has always held a deep fascination for me, however, I don’t believe love fixes anything, rather, it accepts. And by that acceptance, it heals. The scars are still there, but they no longer matter. If there ever were two people with wounds, it is Rhain and Helissent. His is his lineage, because his mother suffers from seizures and madness. So he travels the earth knowing he shouldn’t create his own family. He carves out an existence for himself as a mercenary, until he crosses swords with the wrong warlord and jeopardizes the lives of his men, as well as the woman he’s growing to love.

Helissent's wound is her shame of not saving her sister from the fire that killed her entire family, and her cowardice because, for a moment, she wanted to lay down and die with them. It’s also her living with scars that cover the right side of her body. Because she feels unworthy, she welcomes the horrified looks of strangers. Only when they are together, only when they share their pasts, do they find a way to accept themselves. It took Helissent in Rhain’s life for him to accept his past. It took Rhain to give Helissent the courage to accept a future.

The Knight's Scarred Maiden:

A maiden for the mercenary

Mercenary knight Rhain is living on borrowed time. With a vengeful warlord pursuing him, he has accepted his fate—though first he must get his men to safety.

When he rescues mysterious and deeply scarred Helissent from her attackers, Rhain soon wishes he wasn't marked for death. He can never be the man she deserves—his scandalous lineage alone dictates that—but Rhain can't resist the temptation to show this innocent maiden how beautiful she truly is…

Lovers and Legends : A clash of Celtic passions

What was your worst cooking or baking disaster? Tell us in the comments and if you'd like to win a signed, print copy of this fabulous book, just enter below. Good luck! And HUGE CONGRATS to Jan Van Engel who won last month's giveaway!

For more information about Nicole and her writing, check out her website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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