August Editorial: Be Inspired!

This month, PHS Founder and Editor, Trish Wylie, talks about making plans, getting motivated and reaching for the stars, even on the days you can't see them.

We all have dreams. Some people decide to keep them safely tucked away where they can't be shattered or torn from their grasp. That way they'll never lose hope of someday. You know, someday, don't you? Someday, I'll travel the world. Someday, I'll have a house in the country. Someday, I'll write a book and be published. *sigh* Someday...

The problem with someday is it can make chasing your dreams as elusive as trying to catch butterflies without a net. Someday isn't a magical world full of possibilities, it's just another safe, snug hiding place for your dreams. But if you want your dreams to come true, you've gotta let them out into the open and make plans and set goals and work towards them. Dreams never come true without help.

This month at the PHS, we're all about making plans and prioritizing and re-organizing your life to make room for the things you want to do and achieve. For example: Like my fellow editor, Kali Anthony, I made the switch from night owl to early bird, forcing myself into a new routine which, although painful during the transition, helped me get more words on the page. Writing and editing for the PHS again has helped, too. Having the monthly deadline has jump-started my motivation and reminded me of the importance of self-discipline. They're all positive steps in the right direction and the proof of that is evidenced in the fact I am almost back up to speed, book-production-wise. Or, at least, I'm getting there...

We've also got to allow ourselves to be inspired by others. There's no point being jealous of someone else's success or envying what they've achieved. So, when you listen to or read what others have to say (or find a fabulous new story through one of our new PHS ads), consider how the things you learn can be used to help you fulfill your dreams.

Inspiration can be found everywhere!

Of course, attending a conference or gathering of writers can provide an instant hit of inspirational fairy dust (just ask anyone who recently returned from Florida). As can reading reports from the panels, completing an online course or following a thread of pure gold when you search Twitter for #NotRWA17. It's all grist for the mill, as the saying goes.

So, my advice this month is to never lose sight of your dreams. Even on the darkest of days when the voice of doubt in your head is shouting so loud you can't hear what your heart is telling you, don't give up. Read, learn, set goals, plan, prioritize, get motivated and, most of all, be inspired!

Trish is preparing for the release of two new books and the relaunch of her website next month and will be giving away a copy of one of those new books in our September giveaway! To keep up to date with the latest news, you can follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

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