You Think You Know Someone...

Joss Wood is under the spotlight this month to tell us ten things we almost definitely didn't know...

1) I hate shopping. Genuinely. Asking me to go from clothes shop to clothes shop is my idea of skating through hell. If you lose me in a shopping mall, look for me in the bookstore, or the nearest coffee shop.

2) My parents and my parents-in-law are all still alive and collectively they have been married for more than a 120 years! That’s pretty damn amazing.

3) I’m a big modern country music fan, (with emphasis on the modern). It’s because the songs tell a story. Three of my favourite songs are Thank You by Keith Urban, supposedly and swooningly, written for Nicole Kidman. Jack Daniels and Jesus by Chase Rice (deep and dark) and Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson.

Want to shed a few tears? Listen to her sing Piece by Piece on American Idol:

4) I was slapped across the face by a baby elephant as a toddler and I now have a mini-phobia about elephants. I needed Prozac and a stiff drink when we came across this big boy in a game reserve a couple of years ago.

5) I had my heart broken as a teenager and I mourned the boy for a very long time. I hear people say that teenagers don’t know what love is but I did. It was intense, it was painful, it was thrillingly exciting. It hurt like hell when we parted. I’ll always be grateful for having him in my life and wherever he is, I hope he’s ridiculously happy.

6) On the flip side of that… My husband and I have been together for twenty-five years and it still feels marvelous. He’s my best friend, my biggest supporter and my most ardent fan. Every day he hands me a set of wings and tells me to go fly. He’s also cool with me falling in love with a new man every few months, which is super nice of him. Here we are shortly after we met and please excuse my expression!

7) My children are both away at boarding school. It''s ninety minutes away and I see them on the weekends. They are both at single sex schools and love every minute! As a result, I spend far too much time talking to my cats… When they start talking back, I’m booking myself in for therapy. I also spend a lot of time travelling to pick them up and drop them off. The children, not the cats.

8) I’m a huge believer in the notion that your thoughts create your destiny. I believe in manifestation, in mindfulness and practicing gratitude. And in being positive…

9)My desk is always a mess. I posted a picture on Instagram the other day of my tidy desk but it was a lie. This is what it usually looks like… In my defense, I do spend eight hours or more at it!

10) I am the definition of an extroverted introvert. Because I was in sales for so long, I can talk to anyone anywhere, and people automatically assume I am outgoing and confident. I’m actually more of a loner and people drain me. I am at my most comfortable when I can sit with you and not speak. I’m also a big baby and cry at everything! (Including sappy commercials.) According to Pinterest I’m okay!

Joss's latest release, The CEO's Nanny Affair , is out now. For more information about her and her writing, check out her website and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Are you surprised by any of Joss's confessions or have you discovered she might be your soul-mate? Tell us in the comments or use #ConfessionTime on Social Media to join the #PHS community.

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