#HunkOfTheMonth: Tom Hughes as Prince Albert

PHS columnist, Piper Huguley, talks to us about her #HunkOfTheMonth: Tom Hughes as Prince Albert...

I’m not trying to replace the men in my life—my husband and teenage son, but I have found a new love. Like many other viewers this winter, I watched the historical fiction miniseries, Victoria, about the real-life British queen.

Unlike many others who weren’t as obsessed as I was, I watched Episode 3 to the end multiple times because of this new love of mine: Tom Hughes the actor who played Prince Albert.

I’m a complete sucker for a tortured, brooding, nerdy man. Tom’s portrayal of Prince Albert was all of that and then some.

There were so many highlights. I’ll just list a few that had me pressing the rewind button over and over:

1. The piano contest between Albert and Victoria when he crosses over and “touches” her too much, as Albert’s brother points out later.

2. When he cuts his clothes to put the gardenia Victoria gives him close to his heart. This highlight had me and my fellow nerdy historical writer Vanessa Riley repeatedly screaming until we were puddles of goo on the floor. So much for a productive writing retreat!

3. When he cuts his clothes again to save her dog’s leg. Some historical writers felt that there was too much clothes ripping, but people, this is more foreplay! Poor clueless souls.

4. The scene where he and Victoria take a break from their walk and get their “pressing up against a wall kissing” groove on. For inspy writers like me and Vanessa, this is equivalent to a bedroom sex scene. I watched this little portion for reminders about my own writing (It’s all about the work!) Vanessa likes to sing that old Jermaine Stewart song as a reminder: “We don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time!”

5. When he writes her a letter mentioning the passion that “fills his whole soul.”. *swoon*

6. The wedding night. Oh yeah.

7. When he tells Victoria that her ill-informed attempts to avoid getting pregnant will not work. Well, of course not! Albert is too virile. Witness the nine children!

8. His loving concern for her when she discovers that she’s with child.

9. Any part when Albert does not back down to Victoria’s queenly majesty. He’s a supportive guy, but he will question her, and lets her know when she’s being petty, vapid or small. He’s not afraid to real with her. What real life queen doesn’t want that? A little back and forth banter that helps a queen to be better is equal to foreplay for me. *sigh*

10. Any part when his princely hair falls into his eyes a little bit.

11. Anytime Tom Hughes breaks into his German accent. He admitted in an outtake it was hard to do. He completely succeeded with me.

I also found out that Tom Hughes and Jenna Coleman, the actress who played Victoria, are dating in real life. Well of course they are! Jenna is smart!

Hollywood needs to give this lanky hunk some more work. Until they do, I will be in my Atlanta home, pulling up these highlights, eagerly waiting for season 2 when it will be all Albert all of the time!

So what do we think of Tom Hughes? Does he make your inner cougar purr? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Piper's latest release, A Champion's Heart, is out now. For more information check out her website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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