Black Love Matters

April 3, 2019

PHS Managing Editor Ali Williams recommends black romance authors for you to populate your TBR with!


I'm not going to try and tell you about the impact of trashfire that has been surrounding the announcement of the RITA shortlist, and the inclusion of only three authors of colour. There are many black authors who are already articulating this far better than I ever could.  Check out tweets from:



So right now, at PHS, we want to highlight that our black author siblings who are writing romance are doing an incredible job. They write books that are funny and heart-wrenching and unbelievably well written. They make us laugh and cry and they should for damn sure be taking up space on your TBR.


Brace yourselvesand your bank accountsfor an entire article of romance author recommendations that are going to get you one-clicking and celebrating black romance novels. I've ordered them alphabetically, and below the author's name I've colour-coded the romance subgenres that they write, so you can find the your favourite types of romances quicker:


-  Contemporary

-  Erotic

-  Historical

-  All Things Magical (Paranormal / Fantasy / Science Fiction / Speculative / Time Slip)

-  Romantic Suspense




Contemporary and Erotic Romances


Aja writes sensual, sexy and intense romances, full of passion and unique characters. There's something really soulful about her writing, which truly gets you in the feels.


Shout out to her female boxer heroine, Frankie, from the outstanding sports romance Love Taps. A redemptive love arc with a heroine who's inherited a gym from her father? Stunning.




Rochelle Alers

Contemporary Romances


I've been reading Rochelle Alers for yearsthere's something about the depth of her character development that really moves me.

I'm currently slightly obsessed with her Wickham Falls series, the latest of which is The Sheriff of Wickham Falls. A sexy ex-marine falling in love with his new doctor neighbour? Yes please! Look out for the next book later this month.




Kianna Alexander

Contemporary Historical and Paranormal Romances


Warmth is at the heart of Kianna Alexander's romances, and she has mastered the craft of  no less than three subgenres.


Her current Southern Gentlemen series is full of the kind of romance heroes that one dreams about, and none more so than Bryan in her fake engagement romance, Couldn't Ask for More.





A.C. Arthur

Contemporary and Paranormal Romances


A.C. Arthur's taglinenot your ordinary romancedoesn't do justice the worlds that she creates! Her writing manages to capture whatever setting she's working in, and elevate it.


Her Shadow Shifters series is an epic world of sexy sexy shifters. The latest, A Lion's Heart is outstanding.




 Nia Arthurs

Contemporary and Paranormal Romances


Nia Arthurs has been a fairly new discovery for me, but I've been working my way through her backlist of contemporary and paranormal romances, and she has a mermaid romance in Swept Away. (Mermaids are my kryptonite). 


The Switch, a romance that follows two best friends and a fake relationship as they accidentally fall for each other, is a must read.




 Xio Axelrod

Contemporary and Erotic Romances


I love Xio Axelrod's contemporaries; especially when they feature the messed up love lives of the rich and famous! She also writes steamy erotic romances as Xio Nin.


I particularly love Camden, which is focused on a redemptive arc for both our hero and heroine. There's nothing so satisfying as a redemption romance.




Empi Baryeh

Contemporary Romances


Empi Baryeh's writing has been a revelation this year - and I've been inhaling her backlist, as well as waiting with baited breath for the second in her From Ghana with Love series, out this May.


I also love her Forest Girl, which puts a modern twist on the arranged marriage, with a feisty heroine who I adore!




Therese Beharrie

Contemporary Romances


The queen of the emotional sucker punch, Therese Beharrie has been breaking my heart and then mending it again, over and over this year.


All her books are wonderful, but Surprise Baby, Second Chance is in my top ten category romances of all time. Her hero has a panic attachon pageand it doesn't make him any less of a hero. I love her for that.




Melissa Blue

Contemporary and Erotic Romances


Writing sexy contemporary romances as Melissa Blue, and the most insanely hot erotic romances as Dakota Gray, she's the best when it comes to heat.


I'm personally a huge fan of her #dirtysexygeeks series, because who hasn't fallen for a nerdilicious hero? Three Little Words deals with a surprise pregnancy with humour and heat. Love. It.




 Phyllis Bourne

Contemporary Romances


Phyllis Bourne's books are full of joy and laughter. What more could you want from a romance?!


I am so head over heels with the covers of her reissued Temptation series. Plus, romance? Good. Chocolate? Very good. Taste for Temptation's romance hero being in an International Chocolate Pastry Competition? So freaking good.




 Koko Brown

Contemporary, Historical and Time-Slip Romances


Sexual heat and emotional connections are at the heart of Koko Brown's romances.


I am in love with her time travelling comic book store manager heroine, and the hot viking that she falls for in The Viking Wants Forever. Plus there are interfering godswhich is always an auto-buy for me.




 J.L. Campbell

Contemporary Romances


Emotional intensity is at the heart of J.L. Campbell's romances, in a way that really moves me as a romance reader.


My favourite is the first in her In Medias Res series, The Thick of Things. It's a wonderful novel about grief, and love, and the support that can come with a new relationship and romance. Utterly stunning.





 Ann Christopher

Contemporary Romances and Romantic Suspense


Ann Christopher writes emotional contemporary romances, and some super intense romantic suspense novels, with sexy as hell heroes who give you all of the feels.


I'm a big fan of the Warner Family, and particularly Redemption's Touch, which follows Dawson, his search for justice and his passion for Arianna...



Alyssa Cole

Contemporary, Historical and Speculative Romances


Alyssa Cole's name has been on everybody's lips this year, with her Reluctant Royals and Loyal League series coming to a close this spring.


Once Ghosted, Twice Shy is one of my favourite books of the year so far. It's a second chance f/f romance set over the course of a day, with the occasional flashback to when they first met, and it is funny and heartwarming and hot. Put at the top of your TBR.



 Sharon C Cooper

Contemporary Romances and Romantic Suspense


Need sexy suspense or a hero with a heart? Then Sharon C. Cooper's romances are most definitely for you.


Her Jenkins & Sons Construction series is a firm favourite of mine, and the latest book in the series, A Lesson in Love, stole my heart completely. Watching Jerry, a hero with no intention of settling down, fall for a single mother Rayne was perfection.  



Zuri Day

Contemporary Romances


Time to turn up the heat with Zuri Day's sexy romances! I love her Blue-Collar Lover series, the long awaited third book releasing this summer


But it's her new series with Desire that has me all hot under the collar at the moment.  Sin City Vows follows Lauren as she pretends that she's married to Christian in order to escape her abusive ex. Emotional with the perfect HEA.





Sasha Devlin

Erotic and Paranormal Romances, and Romantic Suspense


You can't get much steamier than Sasha Devlin's novel, with heroes and heroines whose conflict usually results in them getting it on their counterpart.


I'm particularly fond of Heart Taker, which is a dark romantic suspense with paranormal elements. Take one detective hero and one heroine who's been having visions of murders, and mix vigorously for a satisfying Happy Ever After.



 Delaney Diamond

Contemporary Romances


Delaney Diamond's sensual romances are full of characters who'll give you all of the feels.


The first in her Royal Brides series, Princess of Zamibia, centres a romance that's full of heartbreak, anguish and a couple trying to reconnect to build their family together.




 Kathy Douglass

Contemporary Romances


Kathy Douglass writes the most delightful small town romance novels, with true emotional heart.


I've been in love with her Sweet Briar Sweetheart series since the first book, and have a huge soft spot for The Waitress's Secret, whit its hunky chef hero and heroine on the run.





Lucy Eden

Contemporary Romances


If you're looking for a cinnamon roll hero disguised as an alpha, then look no further than Lucy Eden.


My favourite is probably Adam from Everything's Better with Kimberley. He's funny, smart, hot as all hell, but also steps in to help when Kimberley has a panic attack on a plane.




 Shelly Ellis

Contemporary Romances


Sexy contemporary romances with a twist are Shelly Ellis' speciality; from scandal to the music industry, each series has a unique selling point.


I'm particularly fond of her MacLaine Girls series, and On Pointe, which follows ballet teacher Bina as she falls in love with an old student, is a great start to the series!




Seressia Glass

Contemporary and Paranormal Romances and Urban Fantasy


Seressia Glass is a the queen of world building. Both her Shadowchasers and Sons of Anubis series are wonderful illustrations of how to develop a fully fledged magical system.


Shadow Blade is the first of her superb urban fantasy novels, and has an immortal Nubian warrior as her demon and shadow dispatching heroine's love interest.




 Rina Gray

Contemporary Romances


If you're looking for a romantic comedy series for fall for, Rina Gray's Crush on You is outstanding.


My favourite is