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On a tight budget? Would like to sample a new-to-you author's writing before you invest in their series? Then our brand new #FreeBooks feature is the place to be each month!

Enter our July Giveaways!

Annie Burrows is giving away three paperback—yes, paperback!—copies of The Captain Claims His Lady from her Brides for Bachelors series, and she's happy to send them anywhere—yes, anywhere!—in the world. How great is that?!

Annie writes about brooding heroes, and the feisty heroines who bring them true love. Most of her stories take place during the Regency era—time when a man could rise to the pinnacle of society through enterprise and daring, or plummet to the depths of poverty through one reckless turn of the card.

The Captain Claims His Lady

Enticed by the mysterious stranger…

But can this wallflower trust in their attraction?

In this Brides for Bachelors story, shy Lizzie Hutton knows her height and clumsiness alone make her a debutante to avoid. Until she meets tall, strong and striking Captain Harry Bretherton, who takes a surprising interest in her! Their intense chemistry makes him hard to resist—if only it weren’t for the secrecy around his past…

The Captain Claims His Lady, is available now for pre-order and releases July 26! Connect with Annie Burrows on Twitter and her Website.

Mollie Blake is offering a copy of The Secret at Arnford Hall along with your choice of hand cream or lip balm—because she's just that lovely! And now we ALL want hand cream or lip balm... *sigh*...

The Secret At Arnford Hall

A Cheshire Love Story

He lived in a nightmare. His son brought him daylight. Can this woman be his breaking dawn?

Gabriel Black didn’t give a damn about the world. Until, that is, his seven-year-old son enters his life for the first time. The young boy brings daylight into the darkness of Gabriel’s world. But a single parent needs a distraction. And this single parent has no limits when it comes to getting what he wants…

She’s built a new life for herself on the ruins of the old, but this man can destroy everything she’s worked so hard to gain…

Grace McGuire lives with a dark secret—one that, if revealed, will destroy her new life. Then her world collides with that of forceful Gabriel Black, a multi-millionaire with a secret of his own—a secret Grace is determined to uncover, for her sanity and all she holds dear.

The Secret at Arnford Hall is out now and you can catch up with Mollie Blake at her Website, on Facebook, Twitter, or on Pinterest. Mollie writes provocative romance and alluring suspense.

And the fabulous Kate Walker is offering a paperback copy of her newly revamped, re-released and incredibly popular 12 Point Guide To Writing Romance. And you won't want to miss this one after her 12 Point Workshop in our Aspiring Authors Forum later this month!

Kate Walker's 12 Point Guide To Writing Romance

In this comprehensive guide, Kate Walker, an established author within the Romantic Fiction genre, covers all aspects of writing Romantic Fiction, offering budding authors invaluable tips on producing saleable works of fiction, following her 12 point guide.

The re-vamped and updated 12 Point Guide To Writing Romance is out now and you can catch up with Kate Walker at her Website, on Facebook, or on our Aspiring Author's Forum where she will be running a workshop from 20th to the 31st of this month!

Grab these FREE READS!

(just click on the cover and a link will take you there)

Mostly Married by Trish Wylie

He's all in. She wants out.

Talia Morales knew she should never have married Aaron Rudeski. She values her independence too much to give it up, even for a handsome, smooth talking Texan who fulfills all of her sexual needs. So, why hasn't she signed the divorce papers yet? That's what her friends want to know.

Over cocktails one night, they all agree it's time to shake things up and make changes in their lives. They're all smart, sexy, go-getting women! Surely one of them should be in a steady relationship?

All Talia must do to honor her part in the pact is sign her name on the dotted line. But quitting isn't in Aaron's wheelhouse. He's determined to fight for his wife. Lose her and he loses everything.

The race to find happily-ever-after begins in this prequel to The Passion Pact series!

The Bodyguard's Catch by Robyn Rychards

He broke her heart when he disappeared without a word. Is the love they still feel strong enough to overcome their past so they can have a future? Jordyn Souliere gave up a lucrative career as a concert pianist to become a photographer, but things didn’t go according to plan. Now she has no money to pay her bills. When the celebrity scoop of the year falls into her lap, her financial problems are solved. Until an old flame shows up as the celebrity’s bodyguard, grabs her phone and along with it the pictures she was going to sell. Her life’s a big enough mess and the last thing she needs is her past coming back to haunt her.

Although Remo Vashenko had to leave town in the dark of night, he landed on his feet. The job of bodyguard for the singing artist Maximillian Chanteur not only solves his financial needs, it puts him back in Jordyn’s orbit. Though he knows he isn’t long-term relationship material, he’s glad to have an opportunity to clear the air.

Seven years without a word is a long time. Will Jordyn and Remo be able to overcome their past and have a future together?

Starlit Sand by C.J. Miller

A night of passion on a starlit beach...

Workaholic family law attorney Lauren Catalano has been burned by love. But after a chance meeting on the beach with a handsome stranger, she can't ignore the passion he sparks. When Lauren learns her mystery man is rock superstar Noah Devereux, she’s convinced it’ll never last. But one night together turns into more and Lauren resists falling for a man who’s touched her heart in a way she never thought possible.

Humiliated by his supermodel ex’s infidelity, Noah questions the worth of his fame and fortune if all it earns him are hollow relationships and betrayal. Lauren’s honesty and loyalty hit Noah hard and he starts to believe that Lauren’s the woman he needs in his life.

Will Noah convince Lauren to believe in happily ever after or will their affair end in more heartbreak?

You can also get a copy on Kobo, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks.

Sebastian's Waterloo: The Prequel to Lord Summerton's Heir by Alison Stuart

Before Lord Somerton, he was just plain Captain Sebastian Alder, a penniless career officer in Wellington’s army.

As Napoleon makes his last great bid for power, he will meet an Iron Duke and an indomitable force of English and allied troops in the fields just south of a little village called Waterloo.

The events of June 18, 1815 will change the tide of world events and Sebastian Alder’s life forever..

Sit... Stay... Beg... by Roxanne St. Clair

Garrett Kilcannon, a former dot com super-success who now devotes his life to rescuing dogs and finding them homes, prefers to keep his secrets buried as deep as a dog hides his bone. So when he learns his father has invited a journalist to Waterford Farm to write and produce an in-depth profile on him, he doesn’t care that she’s a childhood friend or drop dead gorgeous. He has zero tolerance for the media…until he sees a different side when she gets through the walls of a rescue dog who’s refused to eat during her short stay at Waterford. Unwillingly charmed and undeniably attracted, Garrett agrees to the interview that could break down a few of his emotional walls, too.

Garrett might not want to share the story of his colorful former life, but Jessie Curtis has the skills to peel back the layers of this sexy, complicated, caring man. In the process, she not only discovers his secrets, she finds herself falling for a man who touches her heart in a way she never thought possible. Her entire career is riding on this one explosive interview, but can she bear to repay Garrett’s trust by selling his secrets? Or can a woman who gave up on happiness a long time ago learn to believe that all it takes to rescue a lost heart is the love of a good man?

Unrequited: A Beachwood Bay Love Story by Melody Grace

You can be anyone for a night...

Alicia isn't the kind of girl to kiss a total stranger up against the wall -- no matter how devastatingly sexy he is. But reeling from a broken heart, she runs straight into the arms of Dex Callahan: rock star, bad boy, and the most seductive man she's ever known.Dex is looking for distraction, at any price. The innocent redhead is just what he needs to keep his demons at bay -- but one taste of her sweetness isn't enough. He needs to possess her, body and soul.Two searching hearts. One night to discover the passion of a lifetime. Dex is determined to show Alicia the pleasure she's been denied, but can she let go of her heartache and take a risk on the unknown?

In Too Deep: A Small Town Romance by Tracey Alvarez

She's haunted by the ghosts of her past. He broke her heart to save his own.

As an elite police diver tormented by her father's fatal drowning accident, Piper Harland is forced back to the one place she'd sworn never to return. Her tiny hometown on New Zealand’s isolated Stewart Island hasn’t much changed in the nine years she’s been gone. But she soon comes face to face with everything she ran from—grief, regret, and the scalding pain of a love lost.

The one place Ryan "West" Westlake belongs is a hundred feet below Stewart Island’s dangerous waters with one breath of air and only a line to guide him to the surface. Down deep he can forget his mentor’s death. Down deep he can forget the one woman who seared his heart when she left. Only now she’s back, and as it turns out, he hasn’t forgotten a thing.Desire and tempers flare when West and Piper cross paths again.

Can they face their past and be together? Two hearts. A second chance. Everything on the line....

What are you reading this month? Have you recently read a book you think everyone should hunt down? Let us know in the comments or join the PHS community on Social Media using #amreading And authors, if you want to run a giveaway or have a free book promo coming up, let us know so we can add you to next month's list!

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