Why We Love - Summer!

Do you enjoy bundling up in winter? The first spring blooms? How about autumn when the leaves change? Jill Kemerer tells us why, for her, it's all about bright sunny days...

I adore summer! *Spins in circles with arms in the air*

We live in northern Ohio where winter lasts FOREVER. Not 'seems' to last forever, actually lasts forever! So when June rolls around, I live it up to the max.

Summer here lasts three months. No more. No less. Just June, July, August. (Okay, sometimes June is cold, and sometimes September is blazing hot, but for the most part, summer is June through August.)

As you might have guessed, I try to pack a LOT into those three months to take advantage of the sun and fun before winter starts again!

So here are ten reasons why I love summer. Yes, I restricted it to only ten!

Beach Reads

There’s something delicious about opening a paperback and sinking into a fun romance. Really gets you into the summer holiday spirit, lazing about in the warm weather, reading for hours (if I'm lucky!). It's a great chance to catch up on my TBR.

I’m currently reading Jessica R. Patch’s new romantic suspense, Dangerous Obsession (Love Inspired Suspense) and Becky Wade’s story, Falling for You (Bethany House).

Ice Cream

Did I say ICECREAM? Who wants to eat something cold, when it's frozen outside? Not me! We have a cute ice cream shop just around the corner, and in summer I love to indulge. Chocolate soft-serve cone, anyone? Yes, please!

Book Ideas Galore

Getting out in the sunshine never fails to give me plenty of inspiration. I walk outside all summer long, and whilst I'm walking, great story ideas come to mind.

Have I ever shed a tear thinking about a future heroine while walking along the river? Yes, I have. No shame.

Local Fun

There's plenty to do where I live and in summer, I like to take advantage of the sights.

On fine days we visit the Toledo Zoo, tromp around the beautiful Botanical Gardens, or shop the Perrysburg Farmer’s Market for great fresh produce; it's open rain or shine.

And at least once each summer we watch the Toledo Mud Hens (for those not in the know, that's baseball). Go the Mud Hens!

Shorts and Sleeveless Shirts

Coats and sweaters are great, when you need to wear them to stop yourself freezing.

Still, I love being able to shed the winter garb, throw on some shorts, a sleeveless shirt and soak up some glorious sunshine.


I have to confess, I don’t go to a ton of movies when they’re in theatres. Even though I don't see many movies, I love watching the summer blockbusters on the big screen.

Fourth of July

We celebrate Independence Day by going to a local fireworks display. I just love fireworks! The people-

watching is also fantastic, a favorite past-time of ours, and I don't need much of an excuse to sit in lawn chairs on a warm summer night watching the world go by.

Lazing on our Deck

Is lazing a word? I don’t know, but it should be. It's pretty hard to laze anywhere outside when it's freezing cold! Our deck is built for summers, so in that brief three months summer is with us, I take full advantage by unfolding the lounge chair, cranking up the music and catching some rays whenever I can.

Watermelon and Sun Tea

Who doesn't love watermelon? Well, I suppose some people don't, but that someone is not me.

Nothing speaks summer to me more than than crunching on a juicy melon and spitting out the seeds, whilst drinking sun tea. Enough said.


Okay, I love writing all year round, but it’s really fun to write in the summer. I don’t know why. It just is. Maybe because it's warm and bright, and it feels like a fresh start. Who knows? But it works for me!

Now that you know why I love summer, I’d love to hear what season you're crazy about!

Jill Kemerer is a multi-published author of inspirational romance novels for Harlequin Love Inspired. Her latest book, Reunited with the Bull Rider (Wyoming Cowboys Book 2) is out now. Jill loves connecting with readers, so visit her website, jillkemerer.com and sign up for her Newsletter, or find her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Do you love summer like Jill, or is another time of the year your favourite? Let us know. We'd love to hear from you here or on social media using the hash tag #WeLoveIt

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