Well Hello Michiel Huisman!

We're always looking for hero inspiration at the PHS and Nicole Locke has brought us a winner in the form of her Current Crush, Michiel Huisman. Hello, handsome!

I like a leading man who can throw a dagger and wink. Give a good one liner and become a zombie. A tall order? Yeah. But it gets harder yet when I really want him to look good in tweed, be an international man, but sound like the guy next door. He’d be a hidden secret.

Except my #CelebrityCrush is a secret from me because for the life of me, I can’t recognize him when I’m looking at him. Maybe he’s that way for you, too. Maybe you’ve seen him everywhere and don’t know it either.

Well, I think I figured out why, it’s because of his hair. He can wear it wild and all the curls just wave around, or he can comb it so his fringe frames a man’s face and makes him suddenly boyish. I’m talking about the Dutch actor, Michiel Huisman. Do you know him?

The first time I saw him was in World War Z (my hubby’s a big zombie fan and I’m a big end of days fan so…it works for us). How noticeable is he? Very. Especially, when his introduction is a one linear that he follows up with his signature smirk.

Yes, so no matter how many ways he arranges his clothes or hair, Huisman has a certain insouciance in every role he plays and it’s this that makes him a delight to find when just staring at him makes me draw a blank.

In WWZ, as Ellis, he cracks a joke just at the darkest moment. He’s even got a leg injury that no doubt means certain death when you have to escape zombies. Yet to him? They’re all zombies anyway so he might as well give a bit of cheek.

In Game of Thrones, he’s Daario Naharas, a man who ‘always does as he wants.’ My favourite scene is when he faces the most deadliest of contenders. His enemy is holding a lance, on a horse, and he’s charging towards Huisman, who is merely standing around with a dagger. Is Huisman worried? Nope. Because he looks behind him to his audience and winks.

The next time I see him was in the Age of Adaline. Honestly, I didn’t recognise him (again!), but his character I did. Because, you see, this is a drama where Adaline who never ages, live for decades hiding and not living. What is Huisman’s role? To show her how to live again. To crack a joke, to wink.

What’s another film I didn’t recognise him in? The upcoming: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I watched the trailer and was so excited to see the film, so when I looked up the actors. Voila, there is Huisman again. And what will I be looking forward to? That smirk.

Why do I like that smirk so much?

Because as much as I like danger and drama and end of world films. As much as the real world is full of drama and danger and end of world news, some insouciance, and a bit cheek can somehow make everything that bit brighter again.

Nicole's latest book The Knight's Scarred Maiden (Lovers and Legends) is available now. You can find out more about Nicole on her website, or follow her on Facebook, and Twitter .

Are you a Michiel Huisman fan or is your current crush someone else with a cheeky smirk? Could you work with this guy as hero inspiration for your next book? Tell us in the comments or join the discussion on this month's #CurrentCrush on our Social Media.

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