You Think You Know Someone...

How well do you know Liam Livings? In this revealing list of 10 Things, he shares some secrets you might find a surprise or discover you have in common with him!

In random order…

1) I was born with club foot. In both feet. This meant my feet were pointing inwards and upside down. I spent the first 3 years of my life in plasters from toe to hip and then special boots with supporting braces down my legs.

2) I also used to have gromits in my ears. I don’t any longer but it means I can’t go under water any deeper than a couple of meters. I’d love to go scuba diving but my ears wouldn’t. Plus, it makes flying pretty painful sometimes because of the ear popping.

3) I don’t like fruit cake. I love pretty much all other types of cake but fruit cake. No. It’s too dense and dry for me. See also Christmas pudding and cake.

4) I once met Kim from the How Clean Is Your House TV show. We had her as the celebrity of being clean where I used to work. We asked the question, ‘How clean is your workplace?’ and the response was, Not very… I have a pair of signed rubber gloves with feather edging from Kim.

5) I once met Dick and Dom, the kids’ TV presenters. At the same workplace. They were giving out presents. They were much shorter than I’d imagined. I also remember having to go there on Sunday after being out clubbing until stupid o’clock and oversleeping so I had a mad dash to arrive in time for Dick and Dom’s big entrance.

6) My favourite takeaway food of all time. Of. All. Time. Is Chinese. Literally, there’s no time I wouldn’t rather have Chinese than anything else.

7) I can’t bear dry food. Everything I eat needs a sauce / gravy / some form of liquid to make it palatable.

8) I once worked through the entire recipe book of a toasted sandwich maker my BF’s mum gave me, which came with the sandwich maker. I had spag bol toasted sandwiches. Scrambled egg toasted sandwiches. Chili toasted sandwiches. It was a good few weeks I can tell you!

9) I can touch type. During my unintentional gap year (long story short, I went to the wrong university studying the wrong course, dropped out, did another A level and saved money) I went to an evening class at the local college to learn touch typing. Now, my fingers always rest on the Home Keys. Always. This means I can type faster than I can write legibly.

10) I worked as a health care assistant for about five years. A few years before going to uni while I was studying my A levels, and during my intentional and then unintentional gap years, I worked in a nursing home. And then for the three years while I was at uni I joined the nearest hospital’s nurse bank and used to work nights and weekends around my uni work. This came in very handy helping look after Great Auntie in her home until she died in 2014 .

Liam Living's latest release Serendipity Box Set is out now. For more information check out his website and follow him on Facebook, and Twitter.

Do you have anything in common with Liam? Were there any surprises on his list? Tell us in the comments or use #10Things on Social Media to join the discussion!

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