September 2018

This month, PHS Founder and Managing Editor Trish Wylie, talks about guilt and the unnecessary mental torture we inflict upon ourselves...

Dear Younger Me...

In a letter-style introspective, author Carolyn Hector Hall gives her younger self some sage advice about life and love...

Bisexuality in Romance

Shira Glassman talks about the best ways to present bisexual romances and characters in order to make your novel as believable and favourable as possible.


Is any reading better than no reading? Should we have to justify or conceal the books we love or those we just picked up out of curiosity? Is 'literature' the only thing worth spending time on, even if we don't enjoy it? Does it matter what our kids read so long as they pick up a book? Two of our PHS Columnists chime in with their thoughts on this month's Talking Point...

REAus Conference Report 2018

The Romance Writers of Australia conference has been and gone, but memories remain. PHS Editor, Kali Anthony gives us a wrap of the main themes and an inside report of all the fun!

Free Reads

On a tight budget? Would like to sample a new-to-you author's writing before you invest in their series? Then our #FreeBooks page is the place to be!

You Are NOT Along

It might feel like it sometimes but you are not alone! Ali Williams and Robyn Rychards discuss the challenges they face dealing with anxiety and depression.

Opening New Doors

Ever considered being a hybrid author? Rachel Dove tells us how not limiting yourself to one label opens up more opportunities.

We Heart Used Bookstores

Is it hard to pick one book you love best? Have you a smorgasboard of favorites? PHS Assistant Editor Sherri Skanes talks about the joy of finding treasured books in some interesting places.

PHS Aspiring Authors

Assistant Editor, Chris Buono is here to catch us up on all of the exciting happenings over in our PHS Aspiring Authors group & the Forum this month...

The (Reading) Road to Romance

Ever wondered how authors end up writing in one genre instead of another? Kristina Knight tells us about the reading path which led her to our favorite genre.

PHS Book Reviews

It's September book reviews time! And our #PHSBookReviews team had another corking collection of reads to get through this month!

Top Tips for Writers from Writers

While there is no quick fix for everyone's WIP, the smallest piece of advice can help drop those pennies. Chris Buono, Adite Banerjie, Jill Kemerer and Reese Ryan share some of their top tips for writing success!

WHat's Your Perfect Read?

We're talking about our favorite sub-genres at the PHS this month. From romantic comedy to the paranormal; what's your preference?