In September's editorial, PHS Founder and Editor, Trish Wylie, talks about never giving up,  doing what you love, having the courage to start over and all the prep work required to live the dream!

#LoveIsLove (1)

Could categorizing romance novels be viewed as segregation? We ask authors what words they use to tag their stories and if it is still the most effective form of marketing...

Conference Report

Our intrepid PHS editor, Kali Anthony, reports on the RWAus 17 conference. Did she throw on her party shoes and go wild?

Rewriting Jane

Lucy Sheerman shares a version of the paper she presented at the PGCWWN Conference, focusing on the influence of Jane Eyre on Harlequin Mills & Boon's The Governess Tales series.


They're the real-life heroes and heroines behind every book success, the people who help make a story better and rave about it on Social Media. We talk Street Teams and Writing Groups.


Do we still expect a romance novel to end with a proposal or marriage? Rachel Dove talks about reader expectation, how some much-loved books have dealt with this subject and how times have changed.

Jack Kirby and Romance

Comics aficionado, Keith Bowden, joins us to celebrate Jack Kirby's 100th birthday with a retrospective look at his romance comics.


Ryan Reynolds, come on down! The star of movies as different as The Proposal and Deadpool is our Hunk Of The Month!


In September's Pink Heart Poll, you can vote for your favourite place to set a romance, whether it's a bustling urban jungle or a tranquil town in the countryside...

Reading Goddess

We meet Lea Darragh, who dreams of spending every day snuggling in front of a fire, reading romance about heroes who will stop at nothing to get the girl!


A great holiday may be closer to home than you think. We talk about all the fun which can be had on a Staycation!


PHS Editor, Christy Kate McKenzie, leads us through the process of writing a brand story.


How is diversity in romance handled onscreen? We turn to Piper Huguley as she talks about one of her favourite diverse stories onscreen, Hidden Figures.


They're the most important part of the story and must feel real for us to invest in their happily-ever-after. Jill Kemerer and Nicole Locke talk about creating romance characters, and share their top tips for the perfect hero and heroine!

Aspiring Authors

We meet aspiring author Robby Dennis, who made her dream a reality!

Routine matters

Is routine important to you? What happens when it goes awry? PHS Editor Kali Anthony talks about how she recovered her creative mojo, when things went wrong...


Author Melinda Curtis gives us a peek into her master bath remodel, DIY-style!


We all have times when we're too busy to cook, too exhausted to care what's on our plate and fall back on takeaway food to feed our family. But Tara Taylor-Quinn has a solution!

Untitled design

PHS Editor Robyn is under the spotlight in this month's 10 Things You Didn't Know...

Desk Fashion

What is the desk accessory every writer wants? Is there a particular desk accessory you can't live without?

attracting an audience

PHS editor Ali Williams talks about the importance of building a brand, especially when you interact with a community in a variety of ways.


In this month's The Write Life Balance, we talk about finding time to pursue your passions...


Continuing our series looking at romance novels which have inspired and influenced writers, Heidi Rice reminisces about classic old school romance , Shanna.


Geri Krotow tells us about the one piece of tech she just can't live without, her iPad Pro and Logi Keyboard.

September 2017
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