October 2019

As the nights close in over the northern hemisphere, Ali Williams talks about the times it can feel like we're lost in deep, dark woods and may need a little help to step back into the light.


In the second of our #OneWorld features, #ownvoices authors Ceillie Simkiss, A.Z. Louise and Xan West join us to discuss how neurodiverse characters are depicted in romance novels.


In the month marking International Day Of The Girl, we discuss how romance heroines have changed with the times, inspiring courage and strength and promoting equality.


Have the days of smiling from the wrist down disappeared from social media? Liam Livings and Elisabeth Hobbes tell us the truth about their online personas...


Finishing your book is a major milestone. Then you've got to sell it to readers. Aargh! Right?But fear not. Laura Boon is here to guide us through all things book publicity related...


Werewolves, vampires and witches, oh my! This month, Ali Williams brings us a selection of her favourite paranormal romance novels, just in time for some Halloween reading.


In the second installment of our frank and honest #IndiePubDiary, editor Brittany Borshell talks about something we can all understand: Daily struggles and imposter syndrome


In the second edition of our brand new Sweet Spot column, Heidi Cullinan talks to author, M.K. Schiller, about her journey, her writing and her latest book, Lost Years.


What is it about the anti-hero type we find so appealing? Barb Han and Carolyn Hector tell us what it is about these guys that makes them swoon and what would be a total turn off .


In this month's #ComicBookLove, PHS Editor Corrina Lawson studies the many loves (and lost loves) of the superhero who has so often been the darkness to Superman's light.


Has your mind gone blank? Are you at a complete loss for a new story idea? Kali Anthony talks about hunting for bright shiny new ideas and reveals how stories can be found everywhere.


Fourteen years after Twilight hit the shelves and with only A Discovery Of Witches left to satisfy our onscreen vampire lovin' needs, Holly March takes a closer at paranormal romance.


You read it here first folks! Our exclusive Free Read this month is an extract from Elisabeth Hobbes book A Midsummer Knight's Kiss

October Book Reviews

It's October reviews time and despite illness and, you know, LIFE, interfering with their precious reading time, our dedicated team of PHS Book Reviewers kept turning the page!