In this month's editorial , PHS Founder and Editor Trish Wylie, talks about keeping it real and learning to love yourself so you can shine like the sun!

Fantastical Worlds

We ask authors how they build the worlds behind their paranormal and fantasy novels. Is it just about rules? And how do you create something that seems believable in its own bubble?

Halloween TV Couples

PHS Editor Ali Williams talks about her favorite fantasy, horror and sci-fi TV Couples.

The Ultimate Scary Heroes

Are vampires the ultimate scary heroes? Nicole Locke uses characters from the world of The Vampire Diaries to back up her argument!

Living In the Wild

Guest author Lyn Cote tells us why she lives in the wild, otherwise known as the boonies!

Women in Comics

Author Corrina Lawson gives us a breakdown of the Romance in Geekland panel she held with PHS editor Maya Kesh and Author of the young adult Lois Lane series, Gwenda Bond.

Charlaine Harris

Continuing our series looking at romance novels which have inspired and influenced writers, Rachel Dove talks about the book that introduced her to paranormal: Dead Until Dark.

Treats Not Tricks

Looking for a spooky, tasty treat to feed a house full of monsters this Halloween? Create a spooktacular feast in the form of Stuffed Jack Peppers!

Halloween chic

Authors Heidi Rice and Elisabeth Hobbes give us their thoughts on Halloween and show us their favourite costumes.

Reader of the Month

This month we meet Therese Ferguson who reminisces about the Sweet Dream Romances of her teens and talks about her current favourite reads.

Island Time

Virginia Heath extols the virtues of living on Island Time, and tells us about her love for the Caribbean.

A Mile in Her Shoes

We walk a mile in Jill Kemerer's shoes as she takes us through a day full of projects, plotting and the wonders of coffee!

Werewolves and Demons and Fae, Oh My!

We talk about our favourite kinds of paranormal and urban fantasy heroes. What's your catnip? Vampire or werewolf? Demon or fallen angel? Merman or fae?

Beating the Winter Blues

Thoughts of winter getting you down? Teri Wilson talks about pumpkin spice, pampering yourself and her top five ways to beat the winter blues..

Tech Talk

Jenna Kernan introduces the PHS to TextAloud, the one piece of tech that she just cannot live without.


Kali Anthony talks about the elusive muse, and what to do if yours goes on holiday without telling you..

10 Things

Author Avril Tremayne shares some secrets, surprises and fears with us.

Work Life Balance

Check out Susan Meier's simple solution to time management in this month's #TheWriteLifeBalance


PHS Editor Christy Kate McKenzie, helps us with the next step in our business plan: Market analysis.

October 2017