November 2018
November Editorial: Happily Ever Now

PHS Founder and Managing Editor Trish Wylie, questions why we view happiness as something in the far off future when we should be striving to be happy now.

Equality and Power in Romance

Power play vs equality can be a difficult balancing act in a romance novel post the #MeToo era. KJ Charles and Adite Banerjie share their perspectives.

Digging Deep

How much of their own personal experiences and feelings should an author share in their stories? If they do share something personal, as a reader would you want to know?

Tricks of the Trade

In a particularly relevant study during #Nanowrimo season our authors share some of the tricks of the trade they use to stay on track and remain both positive and productive.

Literary Events

Who doesn't love the buzz of a great conference? AC Arthur talks us through Literary Events growing in popularity in the US and tells us why they're worth attending.

The Time Poor Writer

We all know the adage, write every day. But what happens when you’re so busy there’s no time for writing? Kali Anthony talks about connecting with your creativity.

Building a Perfect Female Superhero

Romance novels are frequently accused of being formulaic but can’t the same be said of every genre? Ali Williams talks about finding a formula to build the perfect female superhero.

Free Books!

On a tight budget? Would like to sample a new-to-you author's writing before you invest in their series? Then our #FreeBooks page is the place to be!

PHS Aspiring Authors Latest News

Wonderful things continue to happen at the Pink Heart Society Aspiring Authors group. Chris Buono brings us up to speed on what’s been happening!

Is Coffee Really Writing Fuel?

Is coffee really the writing fuel a thousand memes suggest? Rachel Dove talks about everyone's favourite pick-me-up.

November Book Reviews

It's November book reviews time! And our #PHSBookReviews team had another corking collection of reads for us to add to our TBR piles.

Expressing Gratitude

What are you grateful for in your life? Sherri Skanes and Kristina Knight share their gratitude, memories, and even a few recipes as we look forward to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Money Wise

How much does pricing influence the sale of a book? Chris Buono approaches this topic from a reader's perspective. The question is: Do you agree?