PHS Founder and Editor Trish Wylie, talks about the passing of time and how we should do something that counts every day, no matter how small that something may be...


We ask authors to share awkward questions they've been asked over the years. You won't want to miss this.


This month's PHS Poll looks at historical settings, from the traditionally popular regency, to vikings, flappers and the early 20th century. What's your favorite historical setting?


PHS columnist, Joss Wood, reports back from this year's #ROSACon in South Africa, bringing us tales of friendship, laughter and inspiration!

The Loves of Lois Lane

In this month's Comic Book Love, PHS Editor Maya Kesh talks about Lois Lane and her relationship with both Superman and Clark Kent.


It's the month people all over the world sign up to write a book in a month. But is it always successful or can it prove soul-destroying?


Love a royal wedding? Teri Wilson does and she's here to talk about the joys of dressing her latest heroine, Princess Amelia, in her wedding finery.


Deadlines are a thing of nightmares! Luckily, we've PHS columnist, Tara Taylor-Quinn, on hand to share some times and teach us how to engage our senses!


PHS editor Ali Williams. talks about the books she's convinced would make the best Hallmark movies!


We walk a mile in Rachel Brimble's shoes as she takes us through a day full of dog walking, spending time with family and friends and hitting her word-count...


Avril Tremayne extols the virtues of a vacation in the snow, while Kristina Knight tells us what's wonderful about vacationing in the sunshine.


We meet Emma Moyle, who talks about her love of historical romance, Gone with the Wind and her latest book reviews.


Jenna Kernan shares some secrets that you may never have guessed!


Can't see the wood for the trees, or tabletops for trinkets? Kali Anthony talks about de-cluttering your life to allow space for creative thinking...


We talk to Amy Ella of Mills & Boon Book Reviews and Chat, an aspiring author trying to avoid distraction.


Continuing our series looking at romance novels which have inspired and influenced writers, Virginia Heath reminisces about classic romance, Montana Sky.


With the Thriving at Work report just released by the UK Government, we look at how to recognize and prevent burnout.


Comparing her life to that of Joan Wilder from the movie Romancing The Stone, author Anna J. Stewart tells us what things are like in her world.


Susan Meier returns with ways to Take 10 and get things done in #TheWriteLifeBalance..


Christy Kate McKenzie, helps us with the next step in our business plan-- market analysis.


As the night's close in and the temperature drops, we all reach for the kind of food which can give us that warm and cosy feeling and thanks to Geri Krotow, we now have a new recipe for Chicken Soup!

November 2017