Trish Wylie talks about having pride in being part of the romance writing tribe.


Is there an age limit on romance? We champion the need for older heroines in love stories.


Dr. Amy Burge brings us all the latest news from the PCA | ACA 2017 Conference.


Ever wondered how all those gorgeous book covers are made? e talk to a book cover designer for a Big Five publisher, specialising in romance and other genre fiction.


Dr Ria Cheyne talk to us about the RWA funded Disability And Romance Project.


Piper Huguley tells us about the novel which brought her to the romance genre.


YA author, Steven Parlato, talks about adding a dash of love to his novels.


Healthy Authors

We kick start our brand new column with Amber Page, who talks about mental health.


Is Historical Romance re-writing history? Nicole Locke uses the example of a well known fairytale...

Book talk

In this month's book talk, we welcome Kristen of Beverages and Books!


Writing is a business. Tara Taylor Quinn talks us through the nitty-gritty.


Avril Tremayne describes the trials and tribulations of publishing a book as the publishing world changed around her.


Our May reader of the month, is Kathy Hamilton, The Female Scriblerian!


Our authors champion print, Kindle and IBooks. But what's YOUR favorite book format?

Untitled Design

Been sucked down that tunnel and lost days of your life? We ask if binge reading is a good thing or a bad thing.


Susan Meier continues her column with advice on how to work out who you really are...


Heidi Rice talks about the series she's dying to see on the big and small screens.


Kristina Knight talks about her Nebo App and her Apple Pencil.


Jennifer Rae talks about her love of travelling and makes us all want to travel with her!


This month we're At Home With PHS Editor Christy Kate McKenzie...


Katherine Garbera talks about the inspiration for her fabulous space cowboys!

10 Things You Didnt Know Bput...

Ten Things You Didn't Know about author Virginia Heath...


This month's go-to yummy recipe is for Pot Roast Pork.


This month it's all about the shoes, girls. How can we resist them?!

At The Cliff Face

PHS Editor, Ali Williams, talks PhD nerves and how she's building her confidence.

May 2017
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Healthy Authors

We kick start our brand new column with Amber Page, who talks about mental health.

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