May 2018

This month, PHS Founder and Editor Trish Wylie, talks about personal growth and the effect it can have on your life and your writing.


How people describe the romance genre is frequently out of touch. Ali Williams, Aja and Virginia Heath talk about how they reply to these Fake Views.


We've been dropping a few hints in the last month about exciting things to come for the PHS readers who are aspiring authors. Now senior editor, Christy Kate McKenzie, is here to officially launch our Facebook Group and the forum!


Love 'em or hate 'em, we can all agree the alpha male is a huge part of romantic fiction. Holly March defines the difference between an #Alpha and an #Asshole


Have you ever wondered what would happen if a superhero created an online dating profile? Jade looks at the personality types which might do well... Or not...


Is discussing menopause the last glass ceiling to be broken, health-wise? If so, the PHS is about to take a hammer to it with our new Menopause Matters feature! Joss Wood is the first of our authors to discuss the effect it has on her life...


Did you know authors are a vengeful lot? Cross one and you might end up coming to a sticky end in their story. Susan Gable talks about her acts of litereary revenge...


How often do you tell your family and friends how much they mean to you? Susan Meier talks about Barbara Bush's legacy and how it made her think about the blessings in her own life.


You read it here first! Our May FREE READ is from PHS Editor Robyn Rychards, who brings us an exclusive scene from her romantic suspense, Cruising With Danger.


While Avengers Infinity War continues to break box office records, Kristina Knight explains why Captain America stands out of the crowd.


Feel like a fraud? Waiting for the axe to fall? Faking it but not making it? Kali Anthony talks about reframing your thoughts to avoid being held hostage by Imposter Syndrome.


When it comes to the types of heroes in romance novels, we all have our favorite Man Candy. The question is, what is yours...?


Has your world ever revolved around house renovations? Elisabeth Hobbes is in the middle of some major renovations and shares the associated craziness with us.


As part of our continuing study of the books and writers who influenced modern day romance authors, Nicole Locke shares her love of Iris Johansen.


First dates can be a disaster or the start of something wonderful. Jill Kemerer and Mollie Blake rate a couple of examples from books on a kiss scale. Take notes: These could contain some useful tips for real life!