PHS Founder and Editor, Trish Wylie, talks about the value of a good support network and has some exciting PHS news to share!

I am Woman.Hear Me ROAR.-2

Tara Taylor Quinn talks about the empowerment which can be gained when you find your voice, both on and off the page.


Women from varying backgrounds talk about writing romance from the perspective of authors of color.


How have comic book romances evolved over time? Brand shiny new PHS Editor Maya Kesh tells us everything we need to know.


What better way to get to know someone than to ask what they read? We welcome new PHS Editor Kali Anthony to the fold with a quick Q&A.


Architect, Billionaire CEO or men in uniform. What's your favorite hero profession? You tell us in this month's Pink Heart Poll.

TalkingPointThe Pink Heart Society_edited

We examine Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Jamie Lanister from Game Of Thrones while debating when a bad boy hero crosses the line into villain territory.

Healthy Authors

Sitting is the new smoking! So, we take advice from a Chiropractor and an author who believes it's all about striking a balance.

File 21-06-2017, 19 02 15

Soraya Lane encourages us to pull on our wellies and enjoy the country as we visit her family home.


Move over Meghan Markle! Author Teri Wilson outlines why Prince Harry is HER man.


We walk a mile in Alanna Lucas's shoes as she guides us though everything from homeschooling, to deadlines, to dinner.

File 28-06-2017, 21 32 30

This month we learn ten things we most definitely, probably, didn't know about PHS Editor Christy-Kate McKenzie.

IndustryInsightS. The PInk Heart Society

Discover the lessons which can be learned from working with a copy editor.


Author Susan Meier continues her fabulous column with a look at trying to fit in versus being your true self.

Untitled Design

This month, as part of Our Romantic Heritage, Piper Huguley looks at Frances E. W. Harper's book, Iola Leroy.


Have you found the perfect or imperfect space to write in while travelling through life?


Kristina Knight comes clean about her write-at-home wardrobe and explains why it's so much better than newsreader clothes.


Go-to recipes for those times when you need a little energy boost.


Did you know you can edit your manuscript on a Kindle? Neither did we!


PHS editor Ali Williams talks about the wonders of having a deadline.

July 2017