January 2019
January Editorial:  New Beginning

Tara Taylor Quinn writes our first guest editorial of the year, talking about finding joy in the changes and new beginnings that might otherwise unsettle us.

#FreshStart - Julian Winters

Julian Winters tells us how being brave and pushing out of your comfort zone, can inspire and propel you forward.

#FreshStart - Vanessa Riley

Vanessa Riley tells us how she uses metrics to plan the year ahead, and urges you to blaze your own path.

#FreshStart - Cass Lennox

Cass Lennox shares her 12 point listicle of advice for a fresh start in 2019 and there are some absolute gems on here!

#FreshStart - Jane Godman

Jane Godman tells us about the hardest year of her life and how 2019 will, for her, involve digging deep for positivity.

#FreshStart - Olivia Waite

Olivia Waite shares her hopes for a 2019 filled with funny, heartwarming, diverse f/f romance.

Industry Insight:  #EditorsChoice

No matter how confident we are in our writing, a glimpse of what the publishers are enjoying is always welcome.

#FreshStart - Michelle Douglas

Michelle Douglas outlines her writing focus for 2019: ditching the hyper-masculine romance novel hero in favour of a more modern interpretation.

Vive la Difference - #MyPerfectRead

Ready to try something new? Ali Williams and Rachel Dove recommend some books you might not know to kick start our reader challenge!

The Song of the Introvert

Calling all #IntrovertAuthors! Aleksandr Voinov shares the way he copes with large bookish events as an introvert.

The Write Thing - Opening Act

Avril Tremayne shares with us what to do when your opening act takes you in an unexpected direction!

January Book Reviews

It's January book reviews time! And our #PHSBookReviews team had another great collection of reads for us to kick off the New Year in true romance style.

PHS Aspiring Authors January Update

Welcome to a New Year of The Pink Heart Society Aspiring Authors Group! Christy Kate McKenzie, PHS Senior Editor, will help you kick off 2019 right...

Exclusive FREE READ

Our exclusive Free Read this month, is an extract from Mollie Blake's An Unconventional Affair.

No Resolution? No Worries!

How do you make changes when you haven't made any New Year's resolutions? PHS Editor Kali Anthony shares her suggestions...

#FreshStart - Em Ali

Em Ali talks about the authors who inspired them to write in 2018, and how they're going to carry that inspiration forward into 2019.

#FreshStart - Aleksandr Voinov

Aleksandr Voinov tells us about setting goals for the year ahead and the value of evaluating the year just gone.

#FreshStart - Aliette de Bodard

Aliette de Bodard shares how she wants to take more risks and allow herself more time off in 2019.

#FreshStart - Joanna Chambers

Joanna Chambers talks about the happiness principle that is going to govern her writing as she moves forward into 2019.

#FreshStart - Therese Beharrie

Therese Beharrie reveals she plans to build on the small steps of 2018 to take bigger, braver steps in her 2019 writing career.

#FreshStart - Rhoda Baxter

Rhoda Baxter talks about writing under her real name for the very first time, and what her plans are as Jeevani Charika going forward...

#FreshStart - George Loveland

George Loveland explains why the number of books you release in a year doesn't reflect all you've learned.

#FreshStart - Ellie Darkins

Ellie Darkins shares her hopes and goals for 2019 as she steps back into her writing career after maternity leave.

#FreshStart - Adite Banerjie

Adite Banerjie urges us to find balance in our lives for the year ahead, as she talks about her journey to becoming a self-published author.

#FreshStart - LaQuette

LaQuette has advice on how to successfully reach your goals for 2019 through a positive mindset and those all important SMART targets!

#FreshStart - Jasmine Silvera

Jasmine Silvera shares her writing journey to date and how it's influenced her plans for 2019.

#FreshStart - Kayla Bashe

Kayla Bashe shares their wish list for 2019, including better stock photos, more novellas, and less ill-thought-through mpreg.

#FreshStart - Amy Ruttan

Amy Ruttan talks about working through grief and how her 2019 prep started early.

#FreshStart - Carolyn Hector

Carolyn Hector talks about her goals for the coming year, and how she utilises everything possible to stay on track.

#FreshStart - Patricia Sergeant

Patricia Sargeant discusses developing a New Year's Theme for the year ahead, and how sticking to a plan is going to be integral to your success.

#FreshStart - Lindsay Evans

Lindsay Evans shares her plans for a new writing routine and the 2018 goals she's carrying forward into 2019.

#FreshStart - Michelle Styles

Michelle Styles shares her hopes and plans for 2019, including being part of a new Viking continuity and developing some of the changes she's made over the last year.

#FreshStart - Mimi Matthews

Mimi Matthews reveals her top tip for recharging and refreshing before starting a new writing project: binge-reading a new book series!

#FreshStart - Jessica Gilmore

Jessica Gilmore tells us how she is centering kindness at the heart of 2019, whilst she juggles working a full-time job and writing.

#FreshStart - Kaia Danielle

Kaia Danielle tells us how trying a different genre revitalised her writing and changed her plans for 2019.

#FreshStart - Sheryl Danielle

Sheryl Lister talks about how her mindset is less focused on setting goals, but rather on resolving how to get them done.

#FreshStart - Sasha Greene

Sasha Greene tells us how to hone your New Year's Resolutions to focus on one specific aim for the year ahead.

#FreshStart - Amy Andrews

Amy Andrews talks about the reasons she's super excited for all that 2019 will bring.

#FreshStart - Eilidh K. Lawrence

Eilidh K. Lawrence talks going right back to basics in both her writing and for her self-care in 2019.