In the second of our #OneWorld features, #ownvoices authors Ceillie Simkiss, A.Z. Louise and Xan West join us to discuss how neurodiverse characters are depicted in romance novels.

In the month marking International Day Of The Girl, we discuss how romance heroines have changed with the times, inspiring courage and strength and promoting equality.

Have the days of smiling from the wrist down disappeared from social media? Liam Livings and Elisabeth Hobbes tell us the truth about their online personas...

October 5, 2019

What is it about the anti-hero type we find so appealing? Barb Han and Carolyn Hector tell us what it is about these guys that makes them swoon and what would be a total turn off .

September 4, 2019

It's International Podcast Day this month. So our Editor, Mercy Carlile, couldn't have chosen a better time to bring Vanessa Zoltan's podcast, Hot & Bothered, to our attention!

Do you give yourself writing-rewards? Celebrate when your book is released? Treat yourself when you sign on the dotted line of a new contract? Heidi Rice, Aleksandr Voinov and Robyn Rychards confess their indulgences (or lack thereof).

What's the biggest risk you have taken with your writing? Was it one that paid off? Authors Joss Wood and A.C. Arthur confess all!

What scares or concerns you most about life as a writer? Is it the writing itself? Never selling a book? Aja and Carolyn Hector Hall confess their fears and tell us how they conquer them.

April 3, 2019

Perpetual amateur Holly March gives us a quick rundown on how you need to protect yourself copyright-wise.

Is writing about hard work or sending the right query at the right time? Adite Banerjie, Rhoda Baxter, and Lara Temple reflect on their careers, weighing the fortunate against toiling at the keyboard.

February 6, 2019

Join Corrina Lawson as she explores compelling three dimensional comic book characters.

Ready to try something new? Ali Williams and Rachel Dove recommend some books you might not know to kick start our reader challenge!

Rhoda Baxter talks about writing under her real name for the very first time, and what her plans are as Jeevani Charika going forward...

January 9, 2019

Sasha Greene tells us how to hone your New Year's Resolutions to focus on one specific aim for the year ahead.

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