February 2019
February Editorial:  Feel the Love

Reese Ryan writes our February guest editorial, talking about what the musical Rent taught her about the importance of reading outside of her comfort zone.

Romance Tips

As we all prep for Valentine's Day, Heidi Rice, Julie Miller and Holly March discuss how to approach Valentine's Day.

#UKRomChat - UnderTheKilt

Hello and welcome to the first ever PHS Magazine #UKRomChat Column at PHS! Introducing Eilidh, Jeanna and honorary member Jamie Fraser.

#AskTheEd with Manifold Press

We have one of Manifold Press' editors, Sandra Lindsey, answering our most pressing questions.

PHS Aspiring Authors: New Schedule

Exciting times lie ahead as the PHS Aspiring Authors program undergoes a Marie Kondo inspired make-over to spark writing joy!

Emotional Depth

Rachel Dove, Tara Taylor Quinn and Aja share with us how they create that emotional depth that makes romances so darn satisfying!

Talking Point - Love and Lust

Carolyn Hector Hall, Kait Gamble and Aleksandr Voinov tell us how to walk the line between the erotic and the pornographic as romance is #HeatingUp.

Exclusive FREE READ

You read it here first folks! PHS's exclusive Free Read is an extract from Kristina Knight's Moonlight Match.

Uplifting Romance

At this time of year more than ever, we need happy things. Holly March talks about how to spot suicidal feelings and increase inclusivity.

February Book Reviews

It's February book reviews time! And our #PHSBookReviews team had another great collection of reads to get us in the mood for Valentine's Day.

Comic Book Backstory

Join Corrina Lawson as she explores compelling three dimensional comic book characters.

Free Books!

Want to sample a new-to-you author's writing or win a copy of a book? Then this is the place to be!

The Power of Pessimism

Kali Anthony talks about how to harness the power of pessimism for good, rather than for evil...