PHS Founder and Editor Trish Wylie, talks about how quickly time goes by and how finding time to do what you love can mean making some tough decisions.

Be My Valentine?

Is Valentine's Day special, or simply another day of the week? PHS editors and authors share their thoughts on the day, and their most memorable (and not so memorable) celebrations!


Inspiration can strike us anywhere, at any time! Zara Stoneley and Piper Huguley talk about how they find and focus their ideas for stories...


It's finally here! As the much-talked-about new Mills & Boon DARE hits the shelves, Avril Tremayne takes a closer look at the books and what readers are saying about them.


As part of our ongoing commitment to Mental Health Awareness, Amanda Ward talks to us about the demons she has to deal with when writing...


Do we need a special day to celebrate romance? Or should it be celebrated every day? Here's what PHS columnists Barb Han, Lucy Monroe and Kate Walker have to say on the subject


February's FREE READ comes from Nicole Locke who shares something you won't find anywhere else! An exclusive extract from Reclaimed by the Knight.


How do big box office Superhero movies handle romantic relationships? Not great, according to S.W. Sondheimer, who says what many of us have been thinking for quite a while!


Author Jill Kemerer talks about how the classic guardian/ward trope has dated, and how it affected her as a young reader of romance.


How difficult is it to keep the love alive in a relationship? Liz Flaherty tells us it's all about focusing on cherished moments.


Balancing the books (pun intended!) is something that concerns every author. This month, PHS Editor, Christy Kate McKenzie, continues her feature on making money from your writing with advice on Finances & Forecasting


Always wanted to know what's going on in someone else's corner of the world? Kristina Knight gives us a peek into what's on her mind in a sporty kind of way...


Feel like you're stuck in a rut? Kali Anthony talks about how spending time communing with nature can supercharge your creativity and provide much needed inspiration


How does the human condition cross boundaries and unite us? Can a character's emotional journey become a social equalizer? Adite Banerjie and Geri Krotow share their thoughts.

February 2018