Got a book you would like us to review?

We welcome book submissions from both authors and publishers!


Every member of our review team is an avid romance reader who chooses what interests them most from our monthly list of submissions. Slots for this service are limited, so there is no guarantee your book will be chosen. But if it is chosen, we can guarantee an honest review, a Pink Heart Rating and a sound-bite you can use for promotion. 


The PHS Reviews are promoted on all of our Social Media platforms. We also choose a Pink Heart Pick Of The Month and present annual Reviewers' Choice Awards to the books our review team consider outstanding. Finalists for the latter are announced in the PHS Magazine in June with winners in July!

Books being considered for review should be submitted to us a minimum of two months in advance by the deadlines listed below the contact form. If chosen by one of our reviewers, we will inform you by email and get you to send it to us along with a high resolution picture of the cover, a buy link and any Social Media links you would like us to use when we are promoting the review.

To submit your book for review, simply email us at or use the contact form, with (Month) Book Review in the subject line and include the back blurb, release date and formats available to our reviewers in the body of your message.  Yes, it's that simple!



Spread The Word To Readers!

We are ALWAYS keen to recruit avid romance readers for our team! So, if you are a reader and think you can read and review a book a month for us from a truly diverse list of awesome authors, please get in contact using the same email address as above or via the contact form with Avid Romance Reader in the subject line. And authors, if you know a reader who would be fabulous at this, please pass on the info to them. The more avid romance readers we can get to read for us, the more books we can review!

Submission Deadlines:
February 2020
7th December 2019
March 2020
1st January 2020
April 2020
1st February 2020
May 2020
1st March 2020
June 2020
1st April 2020
July 2020
1st May 2020
The PHS does not guarantee a book submitted for review will be chosen by one of our reviewers. We do not guarantee a book will receive a positive review. If a book is given a Pink Heart Rating of two or less, though it will be placed at the bottom of the review list and won't be promoted on Social Media, we cannot guarantee it will not be seen by readers. We also cannot guarantee a reviewer will deem a book worthy of a Pink Heart rating. If they do not, we simply will not publish a review.
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