August 2019

Brand new PHS Reviews editor Mercy Carlile pens our editorial this month, reflecting on the angst filled chasm between risk and reward.


It's PHS Fashion Awards time! And our fabulous fashion guru, Teri Wilson, even managed to snag a RITA while keeping an expert eye on all the cute outfits and accessories!


In our first #OneWorld feature celebrating International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, we meet authors Pamela Sanderson, Alex Powell & Wanika Fazekas


This month, Ali Williams brings us a selection of her favorite romance novels penned by indigenous and First Nation authors. And what a GREAT selection it is!


Everybody is still talking about it! Carolyn Hector and Jane Godman bring us their personal experiences of the yearly Romancelandia gathering at RWA Nationals in New York.

#Confessions (1)

What's the biggest risk you have taken with your writing? Was it one that paid off? Authors Joss Wood and A.C. Arthur confess all!


In the latest edition of our #AskTheEd series, Brittany Borshell talks us through what is important to her when acquiring romance novels at Violet Gaze Press.

April Book Reviews

It's time for our August reviews and the #PHSBookReviews team have all had their noses firmly stuck in some really great books this past month!


Opening your heart to someone, particularly after you've been hurt, can be akin to rolling the dice. Author Laura Boon discusses the value of this emotional risk-taking in a romance.


In her inaugural #ComicBookLove article, PHS Editor Corrina Lawson looks at comic book writers who took chances on characters and stories they believed in. But did it pay off?

#UKRomChat (2)

In the last #UKRomChat Column, Lucy Flatman brings us the winner and runners up of their #RomInAFlash writing competition! And you can read the winning entry, right here!


We know walking is good for our physical and mental health, but did you know it’s also great for creative thinking? Kali Anthony talks about the benefits of taking a walk.