August Editorial

PHS Founder and Editor, Trish Wylie, talks about making plans, getting motivated and reaching for the stars, even on the dark days when you can't see them.

PHS Fashion Awards 2017

We hand out gold stars in the first annual Pink Heart Society Fashion Awards for RWA Nationals attendees.

Romance In Other Genres

If a classic love story is now considered literature, does that mean it's not part of the romance genre any more?

RNA Conference 2017

Columnists, Virginia Heath and Liam Livings, break down this year's RNA conference for us.

Romance Utopias

Do romance novels create a more equal world than the one we live in? Is there such a thing as a romance utopia? Here's what our authors had to say...

Crossing The Pond

Rachel Brimble talks about writing for the US market as a Brit.

From Book To Film

Teri Wilson, talks about seeing her books make the transition to the big screen.

Finding Inspiration Everywhere-2

Continuing her journey into PhD and published author land, PHS editor Ali Williams talks about the importance of finding inspiration everywhere.

Aspiring Authors

We chat with unpublished writers about their writing and goals. First up is Mairibeth MacMillan!

Readers Rock!

We meet Jan Van Engen who has a penchant for all things Middle Eastern and is often found writing with her bouncy beagle and adorable cat...

At Home With Cassandra O'Leary

Guest columnist and author, Cassandra O'Leary, shows us how wonderful it is to live in the land down under with a peek into her home in Melbourne, Australia.

The Pink Heart Poll

The world is a better place with pets! But which one would be the best companion for our hero/heroine?

Are You Less Of A Man If...

We explore the relationship between Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor and how it challenges the traditional gender norms in a romance.

Tortured Heroes

There are few things we love more than a tortured hero! Virginia Heath talks about why she writes them.

Tackling the Tough Subjects

PHS columnist, Vanessa North, talks about what happens when escapist romance meets the tougher subjects in life.

Love Doesn't Always Conquer All

We take a look at romance novels which have inspired and influenced writers . This month, Rachel Dove is looking at Gone With the Wind.

A Mile In Her Shoes

Heidi Rice has a moment of divine inspiration and puts all her movie reviewing experience to good use to make a promotional video for her new book!

Rise And Shine

We talk about how changing your writing time from late night to early morning can help boost productivity.

The Write Life Balance

Susan Meier talks about finding balance between things you want to do and things you have to do...

To Camp or Not To Camp

PHS columnist, Elisabeth Hobbes, tells us what she loves about camping while editor Robyn Rychards talks about the joys of staying in a hotel.

Where Have All The RomComs Gone?

Remember the days when RomComs appeared at regular intervals and were considered the go-to movie on date night? So do we!

Ready, Set, WRITE

PHS editor, Christy Kate McKenzie, takes us away from the craft of writing to explore and develop the business side of your writing career...

Cutting Out The Good Stuff

Giving up caffeine, carbs and sugar seems to be the latest go-to diet craze. PHS Editor Kali Anthony tells us what it's like, having tried all three!

You Think You Know Someone...

Joss Wood is under the spotlight to tell us ten things we almost definitely didn't know about her...

August 2017