April Editorial

PHS Founder and editor Trish Wylie talks about the need for more love in our lives.

Lost Generation

Are we in danger of losing a generation of readers? We talk to 18-25 year old's about their reading habits and launch the PHS reader survey.

Vive La Difference

Fiona Zedde and Cass Lennox tell us why they write LGBTQIA romances and recommend some great reads.

Industry Insider

Harlequin Mills & Boon editor Flo Nicholl introduces us to smokin' hot new line Dare.


In the tradition of Easter bonnets authors share their favorite hats with us.

Our Romantic Heritage

Think you know everything there is to know about the romance genre? We take a look at the history of romance novels.

Method to the madness

PHS columnists Jenna Kernan, Nina Milne and Vanessa North talk spring cleaning. Organization or procrastination?

Book talk

This month we meet Amy Ella of Mills & Boon Book Reviews and Chat!

The Write Life Balance

Brand new PHS columnist, Susan Meier, talks about finding a balance between writing and the rest of your life.

Writing Through The Strain

Romy Sommer talks to us about what to do during publishing wait times.

The Romance Academy

Melissa Blue looks at the heroes in classic romance who'd be a hard sell to modern-day readers.

Reader Of The Month

Introducing our 1000th follower on Twitter, Morgan Elektra, who proves all writers are readers too!

The Write Thing

Does social media help or hinder your presence online? Jill Kemerer and Michelle Styles talk about their experiences.

Pink Heart Poll

Vote for your favorite Social Media platform!

At Home With...

Follow new PHS columnist, Virginia Heath through the keyhole as she invites us into her gorgeous home.

Screen Time

Kristina Knight talks to us about the Romancing The Stone couple who were perfect, until a sequel ruined them...

Food And Drink

PHS Founder Natasha Oakley brings us one of her delicious recipes to tempt our taste buds.

Under The Cape

Amanda Cinelli talks to us about onscreen superhero romances. What type of gal are the caped crusaders dating these days?

Hunk Of The Month

Piper Huguley nominates Tom Hughes as Prince Albert for Hunk Of The Month.

A Day In The Life

We walk a mile in Nicole Locke's shoes as she heads for the Emerald City ComicCon.


We're off to France this month with shiny new columnist Robyn Rychards.

Tech Talk

PHS editor, Christy Kate McKenzie, talks about the one piece of tech she couldn't live without!

10 Things

This month we learn 10 things we didn't know about Tara Taylor Quinn!

At The Cliff Face

PHS editor Ali Williams continues her journey towards completing a PhD about realism in the 21st Century Harlequin Mills & Boon novel.

April 2017
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The Write Life Balance

Brand new PHS columnist, Susan Meier, talks about finding a balance between writing and the rest of your life.

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