April 2019
April Editorial

Aidan Wayne writes our April guest editorial, talking about how to cope with the overwhelming feeling which comes with making your creative work your business.

Black Love Matters

PHS Managing Editor Ali Williams recommends black romance authors for you to populate your TBR with!

Industry Insights - Library Love

To tie in with World Library Day, we invited librarians to share their #LibraryLove. Librarians Ana Coqui, Frannie Strober Cassano, Wendy the Super Librairan, and Stephen Ammidown tell us why we need to keep supporting libraries.

ViveLaDifference - The Ripped Bodice

The Ripped Bodice is a sister-run and romance-only bookstore in the US. With a focus on diversity and canny internet presence, sisters Bea and Leah Koch have become legends. We're a bit starstruck!

Sleep On It

Is planning your story like wading through quicksand? Having trouble getting your ideas down in a coherent way? Kali Anthony talks about how sleep might solve all your problems!

#TheWriteThing - Creative Minds

This month Carolyn Hector, Christy Kate McKenzie, Heidi Rice, Barb Han, Reese Ryan, and Liam Livings share things they do to spark their creativity!

PHS Aspiring Authors

Spring has sprung at PHS, and romance writing is in the air! Can you feel it? We do! Read on to hear more about the April author takeovers to look forward to!

April Book Reviews

It's April book reviews time! And our #PHSBookReviews team has another great collection of reads to accompany the beginning of Spring!

#UKRomChat - The Next Chapter

Hello and welcome to the PHS #UKRomChat Column. Here at #UKRomChat we’re used to welcoming folk, but up till now it’s been to our weekly live Twitter chat. This week Eilidh K. Lawrence introduces you to Lucy Flatman and the RomInAFlash contest.

Exclusive FREE READ

You read it here first folks! PHS's exclusive Free Read is an extract from Lara Temple's Unlaced by the Highland Duke.

It Takes A Village

Andie Wood shares how creating a romance anthology for charity brought her corner of the internet closer together.

Writing Trans+Non-Binary Characters

With the intent to encourage and normalise writing trans and non-binary characters in romance, Holly March asked trans and non-binary writers for help. Makes sense, right?

Copyright (The C Word)

Perpetual amateur Holly March gives us a quick rundown on how you need to protect yourself copyright-wise.

Free Books!

On a tight budget? Would you like to sample a new-to-you author's writing before you invest in their series?