April 2018

PHS Founder and Editor Trish Wylie, talks about the power of words, and how writing every day can shine a light in the darkness..


Does the kind of meet cute we read about in romance novels happen in real life? Avril Tremayne and Mollie Blake tell us how they met their husbands.


When it comes to criticism, romance writers soon discover the value of a thick skin. So how do authors respond to people with little to no understanding of the genre and protect their mental health?


In this busy world we live in, it's all too easy to overlook the beauty that surrounds us. Susan Meier talks about the important lessons she learned from her son about taking the time to simply breathe and embrace life.


Why don't Comic Book Romantic Interests get their own spin offs? Corinna Lawson discusses the fate of the love interests who made it and those who got sidelined

#Size Matters

Do you prefer standalone stories, family sagas, a linked series of three or four books or an epic continuation of a tale you never want to end? Our authors tell us why, for some of them, Size Matters.


We're always looking for hero inspiration at the PHS and Nicole Locke has brought us a winner in the form of her Current Crush, Michiel Huisman. Hello, handsome!


You read it here first! Our FREE READ for April is from Heidi Rice, who brings us an exclusive deleted scene from Summer at Willow Tree Farm.


Do you love movies but have a different take than your significant other? Patricia Sargeant's world is all about movies


Time once again to visit your writing income (or lack thereof) with Christy Kate McKenzie, as she wraps up her three part series on finances and forecasting!


Having trouble with inspiration? Feel in a bit of a slump? Maybe it's what you're wearing that's giving you grief. Kali Anthony talks about dressing for success.


Where is the love for romance novels outside of its loyal readers? Jill Kemerer talks about the misconceptions which have abounded for centuries.

#We HeartLifeHacks

Need to make your life a bit easier? Kristina Knight has some tips and tricks to do just that. She's talking about why she loves life hacks.


Ready to polish your writing? Brandi Willis Schreiber is our #SpotlightOn author this month and she's here to give you 5 C's for pursuing your dream as a writer.