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The Pink Heart Society (or PHS as it's known to its followers) was launched in 2006 and intended to be a place where category and series romance authors and readers could celebrate the genre and explore what makes these shorter love stories so unique.

The founding editors -Trish Wylie. Ally Blake, Nicola Marsh and Natasha Oakley- worked hard to get it off the ground as their writing careers blossomed but it was always planned they would pass the site on to new generations to keep it fresh and allow it to move forward with the times. It was a strategy which proved successful, unwittingly making the PHS a little oasis of calm in turbulent publishing seas as the industry changed around us. 

A decade - yes a decade! - later and we're still going strong - with an ever evolving cast of writers, editors and academics.  Our latest makeover is intended to carry us forward into the next ten years as we embrace new publishers, new ways of placing stories in readers hands and discover new authors and books to add to our already groaning keeper shelves!


The PHS has always been a collaborative effort and we would love if you joined us! You can add to the discussions in the comments under each article or on our Social Media pages and/or contact us if you're interested in submitting an article or would like to volunteer to help with the running of the PHS.


We look forward to meeting you!

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